Directory Clean Up: How to Delete Empty Folder & Directories

Directory Clean Up: How to Delete Empty Folder & Directories

The article is to show you the best way for directory clean updelete empty folder & directories to improve your computer performance by a professional tool.

Does your computer always in crash or gets stuck? In fact, many people who are using computer of a long history may suffer from the condition. No matter when play computer games, chat with your friends or even type files in Microsoft Office, computer crash might happen. It is so awful especially when you are in an emergency. Thus it is very necessary to improve your computer performance if you still plan to use the computer.

If you are still looking for some methods to improve the performance of your computer, you can learn a lot in the article. Since there are hundreds of megabytes files including some general applications which are totally useless, delete them will speed up your computer. I will show you how to improve your computer by doing the directory clean up without help from outside. Just follow me to have a try now.

You can now follow me to delete useless empty folder or directories.

  1. The first one is X:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs: you can delete all of them periodically since all mega bytes files are useless;
  2. The second one is X:\WINDOWS\Fonts: since 90% of the fonts will not be used in your life, you can retain several ones you may use frequently and delete the rest all;
  3. The third one is Temple Files in JAVA: since the default size of the JAVA temple files is 1G and are not used often, just go to delete them by Control Panel–>JAVA–>Common–>Internet Settings, and then re-set the directory to another one except the system disk, change the size, or even disable it;
  4. The forth one is X:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache: You can delete all the default driver programs definitely by Windows, and download the relevant driver programs and then save them to another disk except the system one by yourself.

Through the four methods above, you can clean up 1 to 5 G garbage files or empty directories/folders without any risk. However, it is somewhat complicated to handle. You can turn to certain third party Directory Clean Up tool for help and do the directory cleanup in just one click. You can try IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 here which enables you to improve your computer performance in just one click.

Please download directory clean up program – IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 to have a try. Then install it on your computer and then launch it. After these work, please click “Expert Mode” and choose “Simplified Mode”. Then select “Care” and click the button “Smart Scan” in the middle, the program will help you scan your computer automatically. After the scan, you can follow the wizard to cleanup windows directly.
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