Advanced System Care Pro 8 Speed Up Your Windows Startup

Advanced System Care Pro 7 speed up your Windows startup, and speed up Internet connection, clean your PC, and fix all problems with your computer.

Do you know how to speed up your PC startup? Have any idea about DMA model of hard-disk (under Windows 2000, XP, and 2003) and PIO model? There is one way popularly for PC users to speed up your windows startup. In order to make your old computer run quicker, you can switch DMA model to PIO model. But obviously, this is not the best method; although you can fell the system is running quick at the beginning. Because you will feel the system is becoming slow when you are running some large application, like some large 3D games. As the time passed by, the PC startup, Internet connection and the whole performance will disappoint you.

Then, is there a better method? Of course, we recommend you the Advanced System Care Pro 8 to speed up your PC startup and is also available for speeding up the Internet connection and even the whole performance of PC at only one click. Advanced System Care Pro 7 is a genius for renewing your old PC. It can combine clean, boost, and even fix all kinds of PC problems with one step!.

  • Clean—–Advanced System Care Pro 8 can clean your PC, move the temp files, and unnecessary program to trash, and save the room of your PC hard disk.
  • Boost——Advanced System Care Pro 8 can speed up your PC startup, Internet connection and the whole performance.
  • Fix—–Advanced System Care Pro 8 can protect your PC, fix up all kinds of problems and virus invasion.

Now, let us show the usual steps of Advanced System Care Pro 8.

Step1: Install Advanced System Care Pro 8 and open it.

Get this program from clicking the link button upper the page. Then install it in your computer. Then open it . You can see the primary screen like below.

Step2: Analyze and scan your computer

Advanced System Care Pro 8 can scan your computer and analyze your PC automatically, you can let it scan the whole computer, you also can allow it to analyze the particular disks. Then this program will show the result on the screen and command you how to do.

Step3: Speed-up Windows startup

Click “Starup Manager” as below shown to begin the whole speed-up process. When it finished, press “Complete” to get an end.
speed up start up

FYI: How to check the DMA model:
  • 1. Double click on “Manage Tools”, then go to “Computer Management”
  • 2. Click on the “System Tools” –> “Device Manager”
  • 3. Unfold “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”
  • 4. Double click on “Primary IDE controller”,then select “Advanced”
  • 5. If the number of “Ultra DMA Mode *” is 2,4,5,6, then the system is running normally, while if you have set it to 6 before without any new change, however, it becomes Ultra DMA Mode 4 or 2, or even you can not change the “PIO Model”, then the DMA model must have been turned off.

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