To improve performance of your computer, Advanced SystemCare V7 is definitely the ever best program for you. However, to make the program work more conveniently, you'd better make settings for the Advanced SystemCare V7 according to your preference. In the article, you can learn more about settings respectively.

Note: Please remember to click the button “Apply” and “OK” every time after making the settings.

General Settings

When bring up “General Settings”, you can see many options and settings about how the program works in general ways. For example, you can decide whether to load the Advanced SystemCare V7 program when startup your computer, what features will appear in context menu when you right click certain objects, what action will appear when you close the program, whether to show you the UAC warning when you load the program.

Real-time Protector

If you are user of Pro version of Advanced SystemCare V7, you can make settings of “Real-time Protector”, which can prevent most malware from your computer in real-time. Once enabled, Advanced SystemCare V7 will start to protect your computer in the background while not affect your daily work. The program will notify you immediately only when certain threats are detected.

Malware Removal

Malware Removal is the first feature located under “Care”. If you want to change the file size which will be skipped during the scan, you just need to drag the slider. In addition, you can drag the slider to change the scan priority with ease! Only with a high priority can your Memory and CPU serve your scan, especially when you are doing other works.

Registry Fix

Under the setting of “Registry Fix”, you can choose the objects you want to scan to determine what types Registry Fix will scan.

Privacy Sweep

If you are user of Firefox, Opera Next, IE, Chrome, you may find that your browser history that generated earlier than one week are gone. Indeed, the option “Delete browser history older than 1 week” is ticked by default to empty space of your computer. If you want to keep all browser history for future use, you will need to change the settings under “Privacy Sweep”. In addition to the settings about browser history, there are many other settings under “Privacy Sweep”, such as Office Application, Multimedia, Utilities, Internet and Windows. Please go through all these settings to make the program works for you more suitable.

Junk Files Clean

For many people, clean junk files on their computer are a very good choice to free up more space for other files. Here under the option “Junk Files Clean”, you can check whether you want to keep the listed items or just want to delete them. Since you may be unfamiliar with some items, we will give you the respective warnings.

System Optimization

The “System Optimization” is available only for the PRO version of Advanced SystemCare V7. If you are using the free trial version, you can only experience basic optimizations. After making settings accordingly, you can make your network and computer more suitable.

Vulnerability Fix

If your computer plays an important role in your every day life and business, you should take care of security threats, which will lead to serious out-comings for you. Thus, fixing them with the Advanced SystemCare V7 is a good very choice for you. You can decide to backup these security holes patches and define the backup path under the “Vulnerability Fix”.

Disk Defragment

If the bad performance of your computer always turns you down, you can consider to defrag your disks with help of Advanced SystemCare V7. You can also configure other options to improve performance of your computer.


For Pro version users, you can choose AutoCare from two modes: care for your computer either at a scheduled time or when your computer is idle. If you want to care for your computer at a schedule time, you can click the button “Configure” to set appointed time according to your preference.

Note: Due to stability and security factors, Advanced SystemCare V7 will scan items only from Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, Malware Removal, Junk Files Clean and Shortcuts Fix.


Under “AutoClean” option, you can choose the files you want to clean. Since the feature performs the same function as Privacy Sweep, you can make the same settings as set in Privacy Sweep.


After making proper settings under “AutoUpdate”, the Advanced SystemCare V7 will always provide you the latest version of the program to improve performance of your computer better. In addition, you can configure the Proxy settings to your preference.

Surfing Protection

Under the setting “Surfing Protection“, you can set standard about what kind of website is safe by showing a green icon. Besides, with the feature “Parent Control“, you can block access to certain websites from your kinds by adding the URLs.

Active Optimize (available for Advanced SystemCare Pro version only)

With the feature “Active Optimize”, the program Advanced SystemCare V7 can detect inactive programs and processes, manage system resource and optimize CPU/RAM with ease.

Ignore List

Under the option “Ignore List”, you can find all items that are not scanned out. You can delete them first, the program will then scan them out and fix them for you automatically.

User Interface

Under “Interface” option, you can make a change about the Language, PC Health Icon, Transparency and Skin according to your preference.

Logs & Backup

Through the Advanced SystemCare V7, you can view all repair actions during the process under the option “Logs“. What's more, under option “Backup”, you can backup all changes related to the registry process.


Under the option “Notifications“, you can decide whether to show the notifications and transparency of the notification windows, as well as the period to display them.

Homepage Protection

With feature of “Homepage Protection“, the Advanced SystemCare V7 will search engine from modification and protect the homepage of your browser. Please note that only Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported by the Advanced SystemCare V7 program.

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