Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 Guide

Intergrated No.1 ranked Bitdefender anti-virus engine and IObit's exclusive anti-malware engine, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 is an all-in-one program for system optimization and PC security, which provides comprehensive, automated and effective protection against all kinds of security threats, malicious attack, privacy leak and fixes system slowdowns, freezes and crashes. New Plug-in/Toolbar Cleaner is added to remove malicious plug-ins & toolbars on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more browsers. Startup Manager is redesigned to speedup system startup by 1-click solution.

New Features in the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8

  • Supported Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • New generation engine for higher detection and more powerful protection.
  • New Protect feature including browser homepage, search engine, online surfing, reinforce system.
  • New Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner to remove malicious browser plugins & toolbars.
  • New Browser Anti-Tracking to avoid privacy leak.
  • New Software Updater to keep your important software up-to-date.
  • Newly supported maximizing UI and changing skin with favorite pictures.
  • New Performance Monitor supporting screenshot and 1-click boost.
  • New Startup Manager speeds up PC startup with 1-click optimize.
  • New Default Programs Tool provides easy way to set all default programs.
  • Rebuilt Disk Optimization supports SSD optimization and multi disk defragment.
  • Enhanced Privacy Sweep supports 400+ programs.
  • Expanded Database for Spyware Removal, Registry Fix, and Surfing Protection.
  • Supported 33 languages.
  • And more can be discovered by you.

$39.99 $27.99 (3PC / 15 Months)

Tired installing many programs for security and performance of your PC? If so, the program Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 is your best choice! As an one-stop program, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 combines BitDefender antivirus technology and IObit anti-malware engine to provide you top anti-virus capabilities, as well as the already proven comprehensive PC tune-up ability. With a higher detection rate and highly-tuned performance, the new version of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 provides your PC security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically!

In the following passages, I will show you details and features of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8, please just continue reading to learn more.

Main Screen


This is the starting window you will see on the screen of your PC after launching the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8. You will be familiar with the screen from top to bottom by reading the following passages.

Icons on the top right:

  • Like: Share the program with your friends through Facebook by clicking the icon.
  • Quick Settings: Bring up the Quick Settings window by clicking the icon.
  • Rescue: Bring up the Rescue Center by clicking the icon.
  • Skin: Set a new skin for ASC Ultimate 7 by clicking the icon.
  • More Settings: View the drop-down menu including Settings, Check for updates, User Manual, Technical Support, IObit Online, Download IObit Freeware, and About by clicking the icon.

Five tabs on the top:

As you can see on the stop of the starting window, there are five tabs: Antivirus, Care, Toolbox, Turbo Boost, Action Center, which are the main features of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.

  • Antivirus: Here are three methods to scan for viruses on your PC: Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.
  • Care: Here are 12 features for you to speed up and optimize your PC.
  • Toolbox: Here are more than 30 tools for you to solve your PC problems.
  • Turbo Boost: Help to boost performance of your computer.
  • Action Center: Operate other IObit products quickly by choosing this tab.
  • Details:By clicking this icon in the center of Antivirus tab, it will show you the status of Real-time Protection, Windows Firewall, and Auto Silent Mode, as well as give quick link to open Settings, Log, and Quarantine for the antivirus feature. Clicking on Hide will fold these details.

Details: When clicking the “Antivirus” tab, you can see a button “Details” in the center. Just click on it to bring up the status of Real-time Protection, Windows Firewall, and Auto Silent Mode, as well as give a quick link to open Settings, Log, and Quarantine for the antivirus feature. You can fold these details by clicking the “Hide” button.

Bottom information:

  • Latest News: At the bottom left of the starting window, you can see latest news, new program updates, or program promotions from IObit.
  • Activate Now: To active the program right now, you need to enter your license code to register the trial edition. To complete this, you can either click the “Already have a license code” link or purchase a new license code online by clicking “Activate Now” button. When upgrade the program to the paid version, you can see “Manage License” link at the same position. You can click it to view/export/refresh your license.

Quick Settings Screen


In the quick setting screen, you can get 13 quick settings for the four features: Security, Performance, Clean and Automatic. If you want to turn on/off certain function, you just need to click the OFF/ON button next to the setting. If you want to turn on all these features, please click the “Activate all functions” link at the bottom; you can go to Settings screen by clicking “All settings” link.

Rescue Center Screen

In the top-right of the “Rescue Center” screen, you can see three icons, the first of which is setting one. By clicking the icon, you can bring up the screen for Logs & Backup in Settings.

In the left side column, there are four options, which are Rescue Registry, Rescue Internet Boost, Rescue Registry Defrag and System Restore respectively. Here are descriptions about the four options:

  • Rescue Registry: When bring up the “Rescue Registry” window, you can see all changes caused by Registry Fix and System Optimization. You can view all relative details by clicking the button “View Details” and rescue the changes by clicking the button “Undo Changes”.
  • Rescue Internet Boost: In the “Rescue Internet Boost” window, you can see all changes caused by Internet Boost, and can rescue all the changes made by Internet Boost for you.
  • Rescue Registry Defrag: In the “Rescue Registry Defrag” window, you can see all changes caused by Registry Defrag, and can rescue all the changes made by Registry Defrag for you.
  • System Restore: In the “System Restore” window, you can view/remove the existing system restore points or even create a new one.

User Interface Screen


When clicking the Skin icon on the top right side of the starting window, you can bring up the “User Interface” screen. You can also bring up the window by selecting “User Interface” in Settings.

  • General: You can drag the slider to configure the Transparency and click the button next to Current Language to select the Language you need.
  • Skin: You can select your desired skin by clicking the button next to Current Skin.
  • PC Health Icon: Choose the icon you want to display for PC Health.

Settings Screen


You can configure the corresponding settings to your preference by selecting each of the options from the left side column.

  • Quick Settings: Open “Quick Settings” window.
  • Recommended: Restore the default settings.
  • OK: Save your configuration and close Settings screen.
  • Cancel: Close the Settings screen without saving your configuration.
  • Apply: Save your configuration and stay in the current screen.

Antivirus Screen


Fix Now: – By clicking the button, the program can fix Antivirus status problems for you automatically. According to different Antivirus status, the button “Fix Now” has the following three actions:

  • Update database to the latest;
  • Turn on real-time protection;
  • Turn on real-time protection and update database to the latest.
  • Quick Scan: Detect your computer for virus quickly.
  • Full Scan: Scan your computer thoroughly and completely.
  • Custom Scan: Scan the drive(s) you selected only. By default, all inserted external drives will be displayed here.


To detect your computer for virus, you can also try Antivirus Right-click Scan, which can be set by More Settings -> Settings -> General Settings -> tick Antivirus Scan by ASC Ultimate in Context Menu -> click Apply and OK button. This option is ticked by default.


No matter what scan method you are choosing, you can see the scan status in real-time during the scanning process.

  • Automatically Repair: Fix all problems found through the detection automatically if you tick this option.
  • Shut down PC: Fix all problems found through the detection and then shut down the computer automatically by ticking this option


Right click on a detection to view the context menu, you can see three options:

  • Add to Whitelist: The detection will be ignored and ASC Ultimate 7 will not detect it as a threat any more until you delete it from the Antivirus Whitelist.
  • Open file location: Lead you to the folder where the threat is located.
  • Export report: Generate an ASC Ultimate 8 scan report for your reference later.

Care Screen


By ticking/unticking the checkbox before “Select All” on the bottom left of Care screen to select/deselect all items; Or you can select/deselect each item by ticking/unticking the checkbox before it.


PC Health: Display your current computer performance in different level: (Good/Fair/Bad). You can click the text PC Health or expression icon to view the total number of problems that ASC Ultimate has fixed for your PC.


  • SCAN: Scan the items you ticked to optimize your PC and ensure its TOP performance by clicking the button.
  • Choosing Automatically Repair or Shut down PC to select an advanced scan method.
  • Skip: You can click the button if you change your mind not to scan the current item.
  • Stop: If you do not want to continue the scan, please click the button to have a try. After you click this button, it will go back to Care screen. All scanned results will be dropped.

During the scan, you can click the items to check the problems that have already been found. As you can see in the window, there is a percentage number on the top right which indicates the process of the scan so that you can have a better estimate of how long the scan takes.


When the scan process comes to the end, you will see a “Summary”, which shows you the general scan results with total problems found and your PC status in the aspect of Security, Performance, and Stability.


  • In order to view the problems in detail, please click each item under Summary.
  • Untick the checkbox before the item if you don't want to repair those problems.
  • To fix the problems you selected, please click Repair button.
  • Click Back button to go back to Care screen without repairing the errors found.

When bring up the scan result, you will have more options to meet your needs. Since some items provide a right-click menu, please click to bring up the options.

Toolbox Screen


As a professional system care tool, the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 provides you 32 useful tools, which include the new IObit Uninstaller 3, ManageMyMobile, Driver Booster, Homepage Protection, Start Menu 8 and Program Deactivator in Toolbox. If you are a Windows 8 user, a Start Menu 8 will show up in Toolbox . As you can see in the starting window, these tools are classified in 6 groups, which are Clean, Optimize, Repair, Security, Control and Advanced respectively. Please note that some tools need to be downloaded before you can use them for the first time.

Turbo Boost Screen

turboboost1 turboboost2

Configure: In the “Turbo Boost” screen, you can see two modes: Work Mode and Game Mode. “Work Mode” will boost your computer for better work experience while “Game Mode” can boost your computer much more deeply for gaming. After choosing the mode you need, please click “Next” button to build your own Turbo Boost by following the wizard.

Click dashboard on the main interface of Turbo Boost, the program will boost your PC quickly.

Action Center Screen


AWith the Action Center, you can operate other IObit products quickly. If the programs you want to add are not installed on your PC or just become outdated, you can click “Fix all” button to install and/or update them automatically. You can also install or update the programs individually by clicking Fix text link.

$39.99 $27.99 (3PC / 15 Months)