Driver is a very necessary part of your computer. However, it does take a lot of time to install, update and backup drivers. To save your time, the Driver Booster V2 can offer you an effective and effortless method. Based on the online database update method, the program can ensure you that your drivers are always installed, up to date and at the top performance all the time. In addition, you can download drivers automatically with the Silence Installation feature, and at the same time, you can conduction other tasks without interruption.

Interested about the program? In the following article, I will introduce you Quick Start Guide of the Driver Booster V2 in detail. Just follow me to learn more about the program!

Main Screen

In the main screen, you can see scan result of your computer. The program will show you status of driver performance. You can click on the button “SCAN” and the program will start to scan for the latest driver status automatically. During the process, you can click on “STOP” to cancel the scanning.


Activate Now: In the right bottom of the starting window, you can see an orange button “Active Now”. You can click on it to upgrade the program to PRO version and bring up the upgrade screen. Then click on “Enter License”. You can also purchase a new license code online during the process. Once upgraded to the PRO version, the orange button will become “Manage License” which enables you to view/refresh/export your license.

Scan Result Screen

After scanning your computer for drivers, the program will list the result in a clean interface. When all drivers are all updated to the latest version, you can see the window with green color:

When there are some outdated drivers, the program will list these drivers for you, and you can check them in detail with available data, drive type and other information. You can see the screen like this:
As you can see here, all your drivers are classified into two categories: Outdated and UpToDate respectively. You can check all drivers in your computer more conveniently.

In addition, all Outdated drivers are classified into two categories, which are Device Drivers and Game Components respectively. Here are details:

  • Device Drivers: After bringing up the category, you can see device drivers including chipset, audio card, graphic card, wireless and Bluetooth device drivers, etc.
  • Game Components: After bringing up the category, you can see games with necessary support, performance tuning and effective enhancement. You can click on the Gear icon to bring up the Scan Setting window, where you can choose to Scan updates for Game Components or not. Here are details of the conductions that you can make to outdated drivers. You can click to bring up the drop down arrow to display all subordinate menus below.
  • Update All: In right upper side of the window, you can see the red button of Updated All, and you can click it to update drivers for all devices. If you selected only the drivers you want to update, the button will become Update Selected instead.
  • Update: You can click on Update at right side of each driver to update the driver one by one. The option provides you more choice and convenience.
  • Details: By choosing the option, you can see the driver detail window pop-up immediately. In the window, you can see detailed information of the driver including Device, Type, Vendor, Driver, Provider and Version. To get the window, you can also click the type text link such as Computer, System devices and Processors, or just right click the column.


  • Roll Back: By choosing the option, the program will revert the selected driver to previous version immediately.
  • Uninstall: By choosing the option, the program will start to uninstall the driver for you. However, since driver is a necessary part of your device, you'd better take care before you uninstall any driver to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • Ignore: By choosing the option, the program will ignore selected device, that's to say, the device will not be scanned for driver update. You can remove the selected driver from Ignore list under Settings when necessary.
  • Export List: By choosing the option, the program will export all outdated drivers or uptodate drivers automatically.

Update Outdated Drivers


Installation Tips: When you are updating drivers, you may encounter some accidents that will turn you down. Here are three important and useful installations notices for you:

    • Update Process: When you want to update the drivers for your device, you should follow three steps, which are creating a restore point, download drivers and install drivers respectively. Since the program is developed with the breakpoint resume technology, you can get a lot of convenience during the download process. The biggest convenience is that you can stop the download process any time and continue the download next time whenever you need. Please wait patiently for the process since the download time differs according to the download speed and driver size. In addition, you can minimize the program to background and work on other things.
    • Silent Installation: The Driver Booster V2 is developed with silent installation, and through the feature, the program can download and install drivers for you in the background silently. When enabled the feature, you won't see any dialog boxes and annoying pop-up windows. If you want to install drivers manually, you can remove the tick before the option under process bar in Settings.
    • Automatically reboot PC: By selecting the option, the program will start to reboot your computer after updating drivers for device automatically.
    • Automatically shut down PC: By selecting the option, the program will start to shut down your computer after updating drivers automatically.
    • Reboot: After the installing process, there will appear a pop-up window that asks you whether to reboot computer to take effect the update work.


Rescue Center

Restore Screen

Before you install updated driver with the Driver Booster V2, the program will create a restore point for you to avoid possible accidents. With the feature, you can restore your device to previous state once some unexpected accident happens.

Note: Please enable the feature seriously since the action the restore your computer to previous restore point, which will ignore all changes you did after the restore point.

Backups Screen (Available in Pro version only)

The Backup feature is to backup the current version of drivers for your device, thus you can re-install them whenever you need without restoring the whole system. What's more, you can recover every step of drivers that are backed up to previous state by clicking the Restore button. You can choose from the two choices: Modify Backup Folder and Explore Backup Folder, which are located at bottom of the window.

Note: Due to differs of system environments, you cannot apply the backup files to other computers at present.

Configure Settings

Since some features are not commonly used, you can customize the settings according to your preference to save your time with the Configure Settings feature. The program will be more suitable and convenient for you.
General: Under General, you can see two commonly used options: Launch automatically at Windows startup, and minimize to System tray when program is closed. You can choose to tick off them or not according to your preference to use the program. In addition, you can select language, font size and skin for the program. You can even set the program transparency in certain degree.
Recommended: Under every feature of Setting window, you can see the Recommended button in the left bottom of the starting window. If you are first user, you can use the recommended settings. If you ever did some wrong settings, or just want to change your configurations to default settings, you can click the button to make a change conveniently.

Scan: Here, you can description how the Driver Booster can scan drivers of your device according to your preference and habit. Here are four options for you to choose: Scan automatically when program is launched, Scan at a fixed frequency (you can set how frequently the program will scan your device), Automatically scan newly connected devices, and Scan updates for Game Components. In addition, the program also provides you the option to display only drivers that pass WHQL tests in the same time. You can tick off the feature to protect your computer better.

Drivers: Under the category, you can view and locate a place in your computer to save downloaded drivers and all backup drivers respectively. In addition, you are also provided three more options, which are Automatically create a restore point before a driver is installed, Automatically delete installed driver installers, and Silent Installation. Just choose the ones you need accordingly.

Ignored: Here you can find all devices that you chosen to ignore them in the Outdated tab and all then will not be scanned when you launch the program. To make a change, you can select the ones you want to check again and click on the button Remove under these devices.

Network: Here, you can make Proxy settings according to your preference if you just connect your computer to Internet via Proxy. Here are three options for you: Directly connect (no proxy), Automatically detect proxy (use Internet Explore settings), and Specify proxy server. If you are a Pro version user, you can choose Update automatically to save your time.