MacBooster 4

Keep your Mac light and secure

MacBooster 4 is an incredibly simple and easy-to-use application to help you free up more hard drive space, protect you from potential threats, and speed up your Mac to make it run like new. Try today!

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System Status

Keep track of your Mac status

MacBooster 3 shows a comprehensive but straight forward analysis of your Mac status in three meters including security risks, junk files, and performance level with address on the severity and number of issues which need to be fixed.

One click scan and fix

With one click on "Scan," MacBooster 3 shows you how many issues have been found. You can easily check issues in detail by clicking the meter or solve all problems by clicking "Fix" to reclaim more hard disk space and improve your Mac performance immediately.

System Cleanup - removes 13 different types of junk

Mac helps you do amazing things like listening music, editing photos, gaming, working, and more. However, your Mac hard drive space can be easily taken up by a variety of unwanted file, so your Mac deserves an extra care. MacBooster 2 can scan and clean every corner of your Mac to free up space. With more space being released, you can put more important content into your Mac.

Application Junk File


System Cache Files


System Log Files


Broken Login Items


Mail Attachment


Shortcuts Clean




Language Files


Trash Cleanup


Universal Binaries


iOS Photo Cache


iOS Software Updates


User Downloads


Security Center

MacBooster 2 protects your Mac against potential threats. It securely gets rid of files and data that may act as potential threats to your Mac and invade your privacy.

Quick analysis and problem fix

Click on "Scan," MacBooster 2 automatically diagnose your Mac and finds the deepest hidden threats for you. Click on "Fix," it thoroughly remove system configuration, malicious cookies, malware, and virus.

Performance Boost

Speedup your Mac and run like new

It's painful when you are multitasking with RAM being occupied by all kinds of apps. Your Mac becomes slower, and sometimes the system just stops responding. MacBooster 2 quickly cleans caches files generated by 3rd party apps and releases occupied RAM to fix such issue. It also drives your Mac to peak performance by fixing Mac disk permission issues.

Clean Memory

RAM on Mac could be fulfilled with cache files which help load the tasks when you need them later. If you need larger space for particular task, MacBooster 2 helps you to wipe out these catches and free up more space for your tasks in only one click.

Startup Optimization

Many users have noticed that their Macs' launch time become longer as they use more. MacBooster 2 helps you solve this problem by optimizing your startup items. It finds you the applications which opens during start up and allows you to disabling them, so you can open your Mac faster.

Duplicate Finder

Quickly track down duplicate copies on your Mac

Duplicate files are very common in the OS X and noticeable by users, but accumulated duplicate files smalls the space of hard drive. MacBooster 2 sniffs out a list of matching duplicates for you and offers you a cleaning option so that your precious hard drive space can be further maximized.

Large Files Cleaner

Find unwanted large files with ease

Large files such as movies and .dmg files can take a lot of space on hard drive and slows down your using on Mac. MacBooster 2 can find large files that you don’t need any more and delete them to save you more space.

Drag, Scan, and Delete

It only takes three steps to delete a large file. Drag the folders that need to be diagnosed and click on scan. To scan with precision, MacBooster 2 offers different sorting option to help you find specific files on different size and frequency of use. Lastly, click on delete. You are all set.

Photo Sweeper

Photo sweeper is an easy-to-use duplicate photo cleaner which scans and deletes the similar and duplicate photos on your Mac as well as photos on your external device. It works with Aperture and iPhoto (version 9+).

MacBooster 3 cleans:

Extra copies